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Are you planning a dangerous game hunt in Africa, Australia, British Columbia, Alaska, or some other far-reaching destination? Have you ever dreamed of experiencing an African safari, similar to the likes of Roosevelt, Hemmingway, Rourke or Capstick? Have you wanted to be completely capable, comfortable and confident with your large-bore, bolt-action rifle or double gun? If so, you should train with SAAM Safari before the hunt.

SAAM Safari training courses have been customized for the dangerous game hunter. Our SAAM Instructors have dangerous game hunting experience and lead students through drills and exercises designed for hunting some of Africa’s and the world’s most sought after game.

SAAM Safari prepares you for the excitement and dangers of facing quarry that may rip you to pieces if given the opportunity. Students are put through drills and exercises that are specifically designed to simulate a dangerous game hunt: tracking the game, spotting it, acquiring the target, setting up the shot by utilizing your surroundings, taking the first shot, and experiencing the pressure of the follow-up shot or shots. SAAM Safari is as close as one can get to the actual hunt.

At FTW, we strive to offer a comprehensive training course and be a source of information for students about what to expect on their own adventures. Having hunted the world-over, SAAM Instructors possess a wealth of information about dangerous game hunting and are happy to answer questions about how to work with your PH to improve the success of the entire trip.

SAAM Safari helps ensure that the huge investment of an African safari or any worldwide dangerous game hunt will be much more successful and rewarding. If nothing else, graduates leave more comfortable and confident with their rifles and their own abilities, ensuring that all participants in the hunt are safer in an environment that is relentlessly dangerous.

4-DAY SAAM SAFARI COURSE • $4,450 per person
At SAAM Safari, students learn the basics of hunting plains game and dangerous game in Africa. The course incorporates action video and interactive shot placement specific to many African species, including the Cape Buffalo and African Elephant. Students shoot life-size plains game targets (i.e. Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck) out to 300 yards and dangerous game targets (i.e. Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Hippo) up close on our moving, charging and static ranges. Students should bring their scoped medium caliber rifles (.270 - .338) in addition to their scoped and/or open-sight large caliber rifles (.375 - .500). Having both rifles will ensure that you maximize your capabilities for Africa.

Students typically shoot 280 to 300 rounds over four full days of training, but don’t despair, if needed, we have .223 bolt-action rifles that have been customized with express sights, which allows students to practice shooting an open sight rifle without the pain of the large bore. We recommend you bring the quality ammunition with which you plan to hunt: 160 rounds of medium caliber, 80 rounds of large bore (60 downloaded and 20 regular) and 60 rounds of .223 (available for purchase at the Ranch). The course fee includes 5 nights and 4 days of lodging, meals and beverages at the FTW Ranch. Please refer to ABOUT US for additional details. Gratuities, rifle rentals, ammunition and transport to and from the FTW Ranch are not included. Please see SCHEDULE for availability.

SAAM 2-DAY SAFARI PREP • $3,250 per person
Going on a Dangerous Game hunt? Limited for time or a previous SAAM Graduate? The 2-Day Safari Prep is just for you! Students train on our interactive, animated and charging targets to handle your double gun like a pro. Along with marksmanship training with your medium caliber weapons on day one, on day two there is heavy emphasis on re-loading drills, the use of shooting sticks, off-hand shooting and target acquisition drills. Bring 80-100 medium caliber rounds, 40 soft big bore and 20 solids and even downloaded rounds if shooting 416 and above if needed. Students depart competent and confident with their medium caliber and big bore rifles! The rate includes 3 nights and 2 days of lodging, meals and beverages at the FTW Ranch. Gratuities, rifle rentals, ammunition and transport to and from the FTW Ranch are not included. Please see SCHEDULE for availability.

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