SAAM Instructors help students improve their shooting and hunting skills in realistic situations out to 500 yards. Maximize your hunting marksmanship abilities with medium caliber rifles and don't waste your time or money on expensive hunts without knowing your own capabilities and your weapon's potential before departing on your adventure.

Prepare for the perils & excitement of hunting dangerous game worldwide. Students shoot life-size plains game targets out to 300 yards and dangerous game targets up close on the moving, charging and static ranges. SAAM Instructors have extensive dangerous game hunting experience and guide students through exercises and drills designed specifically for the dangerous game hunter.

SAAM training courses offer hunter training for all levels of hunters, whether you are the consummate expert having hunted the world-over (Cameroon, the Northwest Territories, Pakistan, Australia, Tanzania) such as Craig Boddington and Larry Weishuhn, or are a complete novice, contemplating your first hunt, SAAM will prepare you for any type of hunting adventure. SAAM courses simulate hunting conditions in many diverse environments, including mountainous settings for the hearty sheep, open plains for the elusive antelope and/or wooded, dense habitat for the dangerous Cape Buffalo and African Elephant.

As hunters and conservationists, it is our responsibility to be humane, ethical hunters and ensure our quarry expires instantly. SAAM has given many hunters the opportunity to be completely confident with their equipment, their own abilities and their limitations. SAAM graduates have had great success on their subsequent adventures, often taking each of their animals in one, clean shot.

SAAM Instructors include former Special Operations Instructors and individuals with decades of worldwide hunting and marksmanship experience. SAAM courses are held on the FTW Ranch located in the rugged southwest region of the Texas Hill Country. Each course utilizes many of the FTW Ranch’s fourteen diverse ranges. The four-day course fee, unless otherwise noted, includes five nights and four days of lodging, meals and beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor). Each meal is freshly prepared, and the Lodge is equipped with wireless internet access, TV, guest phone and Nintendo Wii. Please refer to ABOUT US for further details.

Please note: gratuities, rifle rental, ammunition and transport to and from the FTW Ranch are NOT included in the course fees. Cell phone coverage is spotty at best and many carriers do not have a signal on the FTW Ranch. - Official African Hunter Education Courses   Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance'