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Tim, Got him on the first day within two hours of the start. Thank you for all of the tips. BH
Howdy Tim from Africa where there's not a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for the education I've received from attending the SAAM courses. Literally, I have made shots that I'd never have taken just five years ago. But thanks to the training and lots of practice, I'm now shooting better than I ever have. And no booger flicking either! Just wanted to say howdy to you and all your great staff. Let me know if there's anything I can do while here to help out. By the way, here's a Roan I took at 390 yards. Keith Warren-TV Producer/Conservationist
Hi Tim….Duke Potter here. I just wanted to follow up and compliment you and your staff on running a great school. I have just returned home from attending your 4 day safari training class. I have been a hunter and gun handler since about the age of 10 and I’m now 73 years old. It was amazing to learn new tips and tricks for shooting. Altho this was not intended to be a long range shooting class we actually did some of that during our sessions. By the end of the 1st day Fredo had me clanking 12” and 9” steel plates out to 700 yds. On the 2nd day we were out to 1000 yds. Then on the 3rd day he had me shoot his rifle in 6.5 creedmoor on 20” and 12” plates out to 1250 yds.!! Never even dreamed that I would be able to accomplish this, especially in just a few days of schooling. The food and accommodations were top notch and the complete staff was very helpful and friendly. Keep up the good work, Duke & Laney Potter.
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Hi Tim, I JUST returned home (a week early) from an incredible hunt in Ethiopia and I owe much of my success to YOU and FTW. I told Justin to send you an e-mail saying thanks, but now it’s my turn. It was an absolute incredible hunt—very, very challenging with the climbing up and down, the wind, cold and lots of rain, but all that just made it that much more special. I lost six pounds but can’t say that’s the best or easiest way to lose weight. One day we left at 4:30 am and didn’t return until 11:30 pm. We were hunting kudu in the Gasera area (down in the hot, hot canyon) and it was all done on foot. I was very thankful for my walking sticks. The MN area was beautiful and we actually saw the bull on day one that I killed on day four. SO many things that I learned at FTW came into play. My PH, Peter Wood from Zim, who has guided for 22 years said I was one of only about 4 that he didn’t have to say reload after every first shot. He said he can always tell when one of his clients has been to FTW. You and your great staff obviously helped me when I was there many times, but the help you gave me prior to this trip was invaluable. GIANT HUGS, Molly : )
Mr. Fallon, if you please,

PLEASE accept our most genuine, heartfelt THANK YOU to you and your unbelievable team for hosting us last week and treating us like your family. I do not speak for myself when i tell you that we are all still basking in the afterglow of our experience last week. it was that un-freakin'-believably freakin' awesome!!!!!

I had one of the guys in here this morning that has been with us for a long time tell me that that trip was, by far, the best work trip he has ever been on. i have to agree with him. next time, there will be 15 or 16 of us (if Ashley wants to travel), as that place is so good, we cannot leave any man behind.

Your staff was perfect.
Your facility / ranch is indescribable.
What you have created down there is something really special.

THANK YOU for allowing us the opportunity to just taste a little piece of it.
Hopefully you will have us back!!


Philip Ludwikoski
Ludwikoski & Associates, Inc.
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A New, Better Way to Shoot Prone
One Shot, thank you guys, I Love you!

I managed to make it pronghorn antelope hunting last week in NM. Attached is a picture of my take.

While it is a nice antelope, it wasn’t the monster we were searching for. That one was spotted by another guide and his hunter. We were in separate trucks. The outfitter said it was the biggest in the permit area. My client’s guide, an old timer, said it was the biggest antelope he had ever seen, period.

I couldn’t help but think of the training we had with you guys. Ride the bull. Keep your head on the gun. Call your shot and reengage. Anybody can miss a shot and no one is immune to Hair in the scope. However, the guy missed the B&C Pronghorn at 250 yards, twice, what a shame! Bet he’ll be booking a SAAM course!

This is just another testimony to how effective your training is. You guys took three of us off the street and turned us into competent shooters.

Thanks again.
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Dear FTW,
I would just like to congratulate and thank you guys at FTW SAAM for the Great Job you did in helping the Boyd couple on how to take care of business over here in Africa. Makes my job just so much easier having Hunters with firsthand experience with their firearms and shot placement and Firearm safety and and and...
Ginni wanted me to send these pictures of her trophies she has taken up to now on her 2016 African Safari…

ALL with just ONE SHOT!!

I do not want to “jinx” the rest of the hunt, but just thought to congratulate you guys on an excellent facility and course.

More to come in the next couple of days.
Kind Regards,
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Hey FTW,

Just wanted to say thank you for the training that you provided me and BCM. I felt I used multiple things that I learned while on my safari. And the confidence I had in the cape buffalo hunt made a huge difference. And when you have 2000 pounds of cape buffalo staring at you at 80 yards…. confidence is huge. (My buffalo was 40.5”)

Please thank all the instructors for me and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Lamar Smith
Brush Country Monsters Host
George Artee and I jumped this wounded Coues deer out of cave at the top of a mountain where we were looking for a mountain lion that had been killing his deer and ewes at Al Campo Ranch in Mexico. A hunter, the week before, had wounded him. He ran down off the hilltop on three legs into an open area below George and me and bedded down 499 yards out. I got a solid sitting rest and used a rock and my bipod. I checked my dope card attached to my cheek pad and dialed in my scope for 500 yards. He dropped like a rock. George could not believe it and I was pretty damn excited myself. Quite an endorsement for SAAM. Thanks for the lessons, guys. I would never have dreamed of taking that shot without your school. Woody Fox, two time attendee. -W. Fox
I just wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed my time at FTW. It was truly an honor and a privilege for me to spend five days with you , your staff, and your family. Your ranch is located in a magnificent part of the hill country of Texas. I learned more in those five days than I have in my lifetime of being around firearms. I have reached a new level of my shooting and I am so comfortable now behind a gun and I will continue to challenge myself in my shooting skills. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my time with Dean, Walt, Larry, and mostly Dog (Dog, Dog, Dog) LOL!! Dog was so patient and helped me so much while we were on the ranges and while we were hunting. I was humbled to sit on the hillside and in the blind and learn from him. It truly was an experience of lifetime and I cannot wait to get my entire family there. Again, I say thank you for everything but most importantly thank you for you, David, and all the guys service to our country and for protecting my freedoms. -M. Williams, TX
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I just returned from Ethiopia hunting with Nasos Russos. Because of the excellent training I received from SAAM @ FTW, I took 8 animals all with one shot each including leopard and Mt. Nyala. Two animals were taken at 350 yds. and the Mt. Nyala was a difficult uphill shot at 360 + yds. I was not a very good shot and would not have had the confidence to take such shots until I completed the SAAM course and could not have accomplished the above without the training. The PH and scouts were amazed at my shooting skills. I can't thank you enough! Thank you for all you do! -Gunnar Klarr
We were following a small group of sheep as they disappeared over the next ridge of rough rocks. We scurried up to our ridge and they were facing us 200 yards away at the same elevation. It had to be a quick shot and a frontal one at that. Nowhere to get prone. Had to use a huge bolder that was chest high for a rest with my left hand supporting the gun stock. No time to rig a right elbow rest. I had to just count on the good habits learned at SAAM....... breath control, no wood drag, complete follow through to the back of the trigger guard after squeezing with both eyes open. Rode the bull and was back on him as I saw his hooves in the air falling off the opposing ridge. He rolled downhill about 5 yards. The 180 grain Nosler Partition was found lodged against his rump hide, having penetrated the length of his body. -W. Fox
I thoroughly enjoyed my brief time on the ranch and would highly recommend the SAAM Precision L1 to any outdoor enthusiasts. I felt that I was a decent shooter and after day one, I was humbled. The isolation from the crazy world coupled with your professional staff, ensured my success of killing my first deer with one humane shot.The accommodations were extremely comfortable and the social interaction between the shooter/hunters and staff was outstanding. The FTW Ranch is truly world class! Thank you so much for the awesome experience.-D. A. Noel, Retired Navy SEAL
I have hunted all of my life. I am 52 years old and I have never had any better training than SAAM I and SAAM II. I just completed my first sheep hunt in the Northwest Territory and had 300+ yard shots on both my Dall sheep and caribou and got them both on my first shot. SAAM I and SAAM II gave me all of the confidence I need now and for the future. It is exciting. -D. Adams, South Carolina
You probably get stuff like this all the time but who can get enough of success?! Just a few pictures and heartfelt thanks! All one-shot kills and no big tracking jobs. Couldn't have done it without you guys.
I attended the SAAM training course for the sole purpose of better preparing for my first upcoming dangerous game hunt in Zambia. The hunt turned out fabulous; the shot placement and shooting sticks exercises I completed during the SAAM course turned out to be a God send. I was able to take what I had learned during the SAAM course and apply it to real time hunting. My trophy Cape Buffalo was taken with two great shot placements from the skills I learned during the SAAM course. To increase your chances of taking your trophy animals, I would highly recommend this course.
I’ve taken a lot of firearms classes and training in my lengthy time—military (Army), law enforcement, and civilian. And I am the senior concealed carry permit instructor in the state of Louisiana (there are over 500 now!) I teach a heck of a lot of classes every year to civilians. We send more people every year to the Louisiana State Police for their concealed carry permits than any other school or instructor in the state—we are very proud of our reputation for quality training. Yours is the best firearms training class I have ever experienced. I learned more in three days from you guys than I have picked up in a lifetime of dedicated rifle shooting—and I thought I knew some stuff. I have never learned so much in a course, or enjoyed the training as much as I did taking it with you, Doug, Fredo, and Carlos... Monday, the stuff was flying so fast and furious, I thought “I will never remember all this...” By Wednesday, it was mostly all down, and understandable. I cannot wait now to work out my own DOPE card on my Ruger American once I get it, and mount a new scope on it. Oh, and I doubt I will ever buy another scope that doesn’t have target turrets. You guys run a world-class operation. I am going to write an article on SAAM (and FTW) on my blog ( ) and for the Sportsman magazines... I will send you copies or a link when they appear. Best wishes to everyone at FTW/SAAM. -Gordon “3-Power” Hutchinson -Author, “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab”, “The Quest and the Quarry”, P.S. Last night, every muscle in my body ached, and I have a knot on my right lower jawbone from grinding into that rifle stock, and “Riding the Bull.” But it’s good pain.
I have now attended both SAAM Precision Level I and SAAM Precision Level II and cannot begin to describe the improvement I have seen in my shooting ability. I consider SAAM to be the single best investment any one hunter can make to increase his or her odds of success. When we spotted this Antelope, my guide didn't feel we could close the range without spooking him. He asked me if I felt comfortable making a 365 yard shot and SAAM training gave me the confidence to say 'YES'...the buck dropped in his tracks! I know I could not have confidently executed that shot without the knowledge of the effects of wind, elevation, angle, and temperature on my bullet's trajectory, which I gained through SAAM training. - Darryl Williams
My SAAM training at FTW made the difference for me. We saw five rams from several miles away and my guide thought one may be legal, so we hiked for four hours to get as close as possible. It turned out to be 430 yards. The biggest ram was definitely legal but he was partially blocked by another ram as they were bedded. I assumed a prone position and was able to get heart rate and breathing down in our twenty minute wait. I dialed up 6 moa for the distance on range card of the 375 Ruger 270 grain bullet I was shooting for that distance. Wind was light and angle downward was ten degrees.

The rams rose and started to move. When clear, I "squeezed" and hit him a few inches below the spine. It would have been fatal but he walked another 30 yards and stopped so I shot again at 460 yards. This hit was six inches lower and forward a little and even better positioned. He tumbled and that was it.

The guide had never seen someone dial up their scope like that and was glad I didn't wound the ram as he couldn't shoot that good for the distance. Especially with a 375 Ruger.

Thanks for the training as I wouldn't have felt confident to make the shots.

Good hunting,

-Phil Widman
Thanks for teaching the 2-stick trick! Took my sticks as you suggested and paired with the camp’s bamboo set. Used several times.

Quentin had been chasing this Impala for 2 ½ years – very skittish. We chased it several times ourselves. Get within 250 yards and the herd is over the next ridgeline.

254 yard frontal chest shot with 50% of the chest obscured by brush 20 yards in front of the Impala.

Same old Dakota 375 with 6x scope.

-Robert B. Towry
Success! I did the lighter fluid. Went to range, made an adjustment and walked to 300 no problem.
Last night, in pouring rain, 10 mph wind, 350 yds, approx 30 degree decline, with bipods full extended, sitting, pack back under leg for support - dropped him with one shot. He is well over 340!

Thanks for the guidance and to both of you who helped make this happen - great rifle, great training. Would not have tried the shot without both.
-Jay Townsend
Over the years we were generally able to be successful before the end of the season but at times, after many missed shots. In this day and age where range finders are available, that removes one guess. The SAAM Training we received at FTW Ranch removed most of the other guesses. With the training we received, we were given a card with the ballistics for our ammunition and rifles. On the many ranges at FTW we were amazed at how accurately we were able to hit on the first shot when adjusting the scope for the targets when moving from one range to another using the information we were given. We believe the main benefit we received from the training was the confidence that I could calculate any necessary adjustments rather than relying on guesses as in the past. This really paid off, Thank You! - Doug and Mark Gottfredson
After SAAM Training, my confidence to make this kind of shot was right on target! SAAM Training is practical hunter training and for these expensive sheep hunts it sure is inexpensive insurance! -Dr. John Dunbar
I was starting from scratch as a rifle hunter when I got the opportunity to take my father on a once in a lifetime elk hunt in New Mexico. I happened across SAAM Training when I was learning about rifles, scopes, and ammunition for the hunt. People I knew in the hunting business were familiar with SAAM and gave glowing recommendations. I could not have made the shot I made on my elk without SAAM Training. I used a tip that they gave me to get a solid hold. My guide said that he hadn’t seen this technique before but he would be recommending SAAM to his hunters. I wholeheartedly recommend SAAM if you have any interest in shooting whether you are a hunter or not. It is great field training for a hunter! -Eric Kern, Dallas TX
Thanks for a great time in SAAM Training, it was a blast. The program improved my shooting skills and gave me the confidence to cleanly shoot this nice New Mexico bull with a 300 RUM across a canyon at 350 yards in a drizzling rain an hour and a half before the end of the hunt. SAAM training works. -Dave Weidman, Texas
When I first wanted to big game hunt, my husband said that he would go with and tell where to hold the rifle on the animal. I didn’t like that idea, as I had no idea what he was talking about. That is when I decided to go to SAAM Precision Level I back in 2008. I then went hunting for Mule Deer and got the one pictured here. SAAM has taught me to hunt. I know what I am capable of with my rifle. I am no longer nervous before the shot because I have been taught how to get into the best position to take the shot. I have since taken SAAM Precision Level II course that teaches you how to read the wind, which is very important. I recommend the SAAM course to everyone, from the beginner to the experienced hunter. The staff and instructors are first class and make the learning fun. -Betty Gaston Burnsville, MN
I have attended both SAAM Precision Level I and SAAM Precision Level II where highly skilled former special ops instructors taught me ballistics theory and pushed my field shooting skills beyond what I had previously thought possible. I view FTW’s SAAM Training program as an investment in my hunting career where multiple factors of wind, elevation, angle, and temperature constantly come into play at long range. I have more confidence now in my shooting abilities than ever before and have been successful in multiple high altitude sheep and goat hunts in Western and Central Asia thanks in part to this training. I highly recommend investing in your shooting skills with FTW as a part of the substantial preparation involved to be successful in big game hunting. -John F. Cedarberg IV
I can’t thank the FTW Team enough for everything they taught me at the SAAM training, and the 2 day refreshment course just a couple days before leaveing for my Marco Polo hunt in Tadjikistan was so worth it. I left the FTW Ranch on such a high of confidence, tinging metal targets out to 850 yards constantly. When it was time to harvest the king of the Pamir Mountains, I confidently made the shot exactly the way they taught it at the SAAM caurse.. After being a guide and Outfitter for 26 years I can tell you it is a great feeling when you make a shot over 500 yards and you don’t even second think or ask your guide “ Did I hit it” you can say lets go look at my cleanly harvested trophy.
-Andrew Mackay -
Even though I considered myself to be a pretty good shot I learned a lot from the SAAM Safari shooting school. The instructors were great, the various shooting ranges and silhouettes very realistic, the accommodations were great and the food superb. I'm looking forward to going back again sometime to ratchet my skills up another notch! -Trent Latshaw Tulsa, OK
“SAAM safari was fun, educational and definitely worth every penny!” -Jane Cato, North Carolina.
“I highly recommend the SAAM Safari course. Unfortunately my first trip to Africa was prior to my SAAM training. I did not shoot as well as I would have liked to. After taking the SAAM safari course I went elephant hunting in Botswana and my shooting was perfect” -John Cato, North Carolina
I highly recommend the S.A.A.M. course and believe it is a must for anyone who wants to become a better shooter. The program, however, is not limited to only those who want to learn to shoot at extreme distances. It is for people who want to improve their shooting skills regardless of the distances they are comfortable with and normally shoot at. Under the tutelage of the friendly shooting instructors, students will soon become confident with shooting accurately at ranges they would have previously thought far beyond their capabilities. And as we all learned, yes, they can teach an old dog new tricks! -Bruce R. Keller
Best hunt of our life. Three different camps, Zimbabwe, northern and southern Botswana. SAAM made ALL the difference. 2 elephants, lioness, buffalo, kudu, baboon, hyena and several impala all with one shot. That's due to SAAM! An additional elephant took a few more and I had a bad rushed shot on an Eland. Can't thank you and Doug enough for what was some of the best spent $. My only complaint is that now I have spent lots more time and $ on gun cleaning and stuff.I look forward to coming back to FTW ranch and bringing my children. -Gunnar Klarr, Birmingham, Michigan
Tim! What I learned at SAAM will help me throughout the duration of my hunting career. Before SAAM, I was insecure with my ability to shoot, but after only four days at the ranch, not only did I feel comfortable with my gun, but I walked away with the confidence to shoot accurately out to targets much farther than I had ever expected. I'm not the type of person who likes to depend on other people for help when hunting and the trainers at FTW taught me the skills and knowledge that I needed to be able to take responsibility for my gun and my shot during a hunt. I'm already looking forward to going back for SAAM 2! -Eva Shockey

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